How to Draw Manga (My Version)

Assalaamualaikum Warahmatullaahi Wabarakaatuh
Hello World ~
Meet me again in this Post 😀
“Time is not Money because u can’t Paid ur Lost Time Memory with a mount of money” so i will tell u what is the main reason for this post ( Ugh,… i never heard about that quote, its just about this song title, Lost Time Memory from Mekkaku City Actor anime )

Okay i want to tell you about how to draw an anime manga character with my version hehe. Yeah,… i like draw too, u still remember it right? And today i want to share my procedure to draw an anime from head to foot.
*)First, prepare tool like paper, pencil, pen, and pencil colour if u want to colour it. Because i’m is a pro, so i just prepared tool like paper and pen :B
*) Okay, then usually i start my drawing from the head. This is important because from the head section u will know good or not ur drawing ( although the other section is important too). Start draw ur character from the front hair

*)Draw half of the hair then finish him :v030405

*)Then try to drawing the face. Face show what expression how ur character looked. Start from the eye, eyebrow, then mouth. U dont have idea how is ur character face? Try looking for reference by watching anime or searching it in the google. Or if u still dont have it, imagine it on ur toilet (This is serious u know)
*) Add gradient colour with hair and his eye (this is difficult u know). Then add an earring so ur character looks like a badboy :v

*) Draw his hand for great pose that u have imagined. Then make an cool sweater that used just for a badboy

*) Draw the other hand is holding an mask. Choose ur favorite mask when u life in this true world

*) Finish off his sweater then add some writing on it.

*) Lastly, draw his jeans and finish him with ur FATALITY ~ Congrats u have done this special mission and u got a huge amount of experience.

Thats all about my tutorial, however u need a lot of practice to master ur skill and all i did from the past is just see, draw, and copy what did i saw just like about life rule. Yeah i need more train ~ heheh

thank u about ur attention and good night ^^
See ya ~

My Gaming Friends

Assalaamualaikum Warahmatullaahi Wabarakaatuh

Hello World ~

What a busy day right? Im just doing my test for mid exam and meh …

I hope nothing happens -_- lol

Okay in this post i want to tell you a little bit about my gaming friends. His name is Arief Rahman Hakim. He’s one of my best friends. Were classmate when we’re in Senior Highschool and at the university, we live together by rent a house. His age is 18 years old and same with me of course. Now he studied at Polytechnic of Pontianak with Electro Technical direction. He is my gaming friend and u still remember right? My hobby is playing game and we have the same hobbies.

We play an RPG game “Summoners War” that i think so popular today. This is the review about my conversation with him.

Me : What is ur id?

He : My id is “tommrvloriddle”

Me : What a great name. Why did u choose that name?

He : Yeah, a long story.

Me : U dont mind to tell me right?

He : I like with one of “Harry Potter” character. His name is “Tom Riddle”. Actually, i have one account and id is “tomriddle”. But last year i sold that account and then i regret it. So i create my new account and and just that name is available.

Me : Woah, what a long story. Do u like this game?

He : Yeah of course. If i hate it, i don’t need to create a new account _- . I have told you that i regret it right.

Me : Ahh okay, sorry. What is ur favorite monster?

He : Mmmmmm, i have so many natural born 5 star monster in my last account. But with my new one, i just got three nat 5.

Me : Ouch, im sorry to hear that (what a dramatical story). What is it?

He : Wind monkey king, Xing Zhe and double water pioneer, Woosa. U know what? I got new woosa yesterday



Me : What a lucky. But i think u dont need to have double woosa so u should food it for skill up.

He : Yeah, i will food it.

Me : Last, what is ur message for all of the gamers in the world?

He :  Keep calm and happy gaming.

Me : Okay thanks buddy.


It’s enough today. Thanks for reading this weird post

See u world ~



Task 20 Maret 201

Group Member : Arif Sulaiman

Berta Juniarty Antomy

Daria Monica

Flaviana Yoni

3. Reading Skills

A. Pre-reading question

  1. The way that robots do to make our live better is simplify our works.
  2. The way that robots do to make our live worse is to make us more dependent on the robot so that we become lazy and uncreative.

B. Reading

  1. “Gates suggest that soon robots will be adopted in the home in the same way that personal computer has been.”
  2. “The cost of these systems has fallen rapidly, but their power has increased.”
  3. “Home robots may not look like the robots in science fiction movies, and we might not even think of them as robots.”

C.Identifying topic and main idea

  1. C : Robots in the home
  2. A : Robots will improve our lives in many ways.

E. Identifying opinions

A : All technology has done is to make our lives busier and more dependent on machines            than ever.


Going beyond the text

3.List of jobs

  • Airline pilot : We don’t agree if a robot becomes an airline pilot because that is dangerous and too risky for the safety of passenger.
  • Cook : We don’t agree if a robot become an cook because cooking requires a “feeling” in measuring ingredients and seasoning.
  • Doctor :  We don’t agree if a robot become an doctor because too risky for the safety of patients.
  • Police officer : We agree if a robot become an police officer because can reduce the level of fraud.
  • Singer : We agree if a robot become an singer because the resulting sound is more varients.
  • Store clerk : We agree if a robot become an store clerk because the robots can work 24 hours and tireless.
  • Taxi driver : We agree if a robot become an taxi driver because existing succesfull technology has been created.
  • Teacher : We don’t agree if a robot become an teacher because teacher of robot can’t understand the character of each student.

I Can’t Imagine My Life Without Game

Assalaamualaikum Warahmatullaahi Wabarakaatuh

Hello World ~

Meet me again on this this third post 😀

How are you? What r u doing in this spring? Busy? 😀

However, no matter how busy u r, don’t forget to take a little time for ur hobbies.

Okay, back to the topic, on this post i want to tell u something about my hobbies. There are some of my hobbies like playing game, reading the comic, drawing, and more but i will be more focused on the game.

Game? What is game? Haha

It’s funny if you don’t know “game” in this era :D.

Game is one of hobbies that structured form of play, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool. There are so many the genre of game but i really like with RPG game. Role Playing Game ( RPG ) is a genre of game where the player controls the actions of a character ( and/or several party members ) immersed in some well-defined world. And one of my favorite RPG game is Summoners War that i play on my smartphone.

Summoners War: Sky Arena, created by South Korean game developer, Com2Us, is a mobile turn-based strategy MMO. The game was announced and released at the Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 12, 2014 for iOS and Android Devices. I played this game since the second grade high school and i think this game really interesting.

There r several of my favorite monster and one of it called Verdehile. Verdehile is a fire Vampire that will change his name when u awakened him. With double hit first skill and passive skill “Boiling Blood” you can increase ur allies attack bar.

And another my favorite monster is Seara that just i summoned with summoning stone first time on this March ❤ . This is a “natural born” 5 star monster that is really really amazing because can detonated the bomb on ur foes with her “Promised Time” active

There are so many great monster on this game and i won’t tell you so if you want to know more, download this game.

I often play this game when i have free time and of course u would think i was weird right? It’s okay if u say that im is “weird” because i don’t want to be considered as “normal” people ^^ . Why? Because it’s boring right? Isn’t it? 😀

But if u say my hobbies is useless, i think it’s not true because with playing game i will be more to communicate with outsiders. And of course increase my English too (although this writing is too bad -,- )

Okay, enough with my “discourse”. However, a hobby doesn’t have a spesific purpose because the main purpose is to “remove” ur stress right? 😀

Keep Calm and Happy Gaming ~


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